How to Open a Successful Pawnshop

How to open a successful pawnshop is available on, Barnes & Noble, and dozens of online bookstores. Learn how to open a pawnshop with no starting inventory cost! There is no other pawnshop book that can match it. If you seriously want to open a successful pawnshop, this is the book for you!

I charge a $50,000 and above consulting fee for training working pawnshops. Now you can get all my knowledge in my book, how to open a successful pawnshop!”

One of the successful pawnshops that I recently opened for a client in Detroit was purchased the book on pawnshops for a major television show.

I am very proud of the fact that what I set up was good enough for Les Gold and his great show, hardcore pawn, which is on truTV.


Best pawnshop book on the market. – June 7, 2016
-Golden hill Pawnbrokers

Great informative book! I have a pawnshop in San Diego and Normans book has been the biggest help for me. I’m a first generation pawnbroker and this book brakes down and informed me on how to run an efficient and very successful pawnshop. It made me feel like the person writing the book actually lived the ups and downs of being a pawnbroker and is passing on the wisdom that will help save tons of money and prevent mistakes being made. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!

An investment. – December 19, 2015

I have been in the pawn business for about one year. My business was fairly stagnant for a while and a good friend recommended this book. Admittedly when I saw the price tag I hesitated, it’s a bit expensive. However, I have read many other books and none were this thorough. This book is an investment! I’ve probably saved hundreds of dollars already in deals. This book touched on everything and then some: techniques for buying gold, how to fill up your showcases with jewelry for free- which by the way works! Couldn’t recommend more highly.

A wonderfull book that is worth the cost. – December 5, 2015

Normans Book is an encyclopedia of knowledge of what it takes to open up a Pawn Shop.Norman clearly explains all the fundamentals of the business and how to make your business succeed. The book really opened my mind of one day opening up a pawn shop. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Fantastic Book!! – December 9, 2015

How to Open a Successful Pawnshop is a great book for anyone looking to open up a pawn shop to read. This book is loaded with valuable information that cannot be found everywhere. Mr. Gornbein clearly has a lot of knowledge in pawnshops and i feel i made a great decision by buying this book.

This updated edition is super helpful. I look forward to opening my shop … – December 4, 2015
-Amazon Customer

I have been thinking of opening a Pawn Shop for a while and this gave me confidence. I bought many other books on this topic and i wasn’t able to get what i got out of this book. This updated edition is super helpful. I look forward to opening my shop THANK YOU!

Most updated pawnshop book in years! – December 4, 2015
-AAA Jewelery & Loan

Great book! The first edition saved our company from many mistakes which prevented us from losing thousands of dollars. The second edition is a great update especially if you haven’t read the first book. Lots of new information for today’s pawnshops.

A great tool at the right time. – June 20, 2012
-By Chad E

I could not have received this book at a better time. i am in the process of opening a pawn shop and it has provided me a wealth of knowledge which in turn has saved me countless hours of my time and money. Opening and operating a pawnshop is a very complex operation which really requires pulling from resources outside of your primary area of expertise. This book really puts it all out in front of you. It just about tells you what to do, where to get it done, and even in many cases how much it should cost. It is a must have if you are looking to open a pawnshop.

Awesome book!!! – June 3, 2012
-By Pawn Shop Owner

I never thought such a small investment could make such a big difference! I learned so much from this book. I recommend it for anybody in the business or anyone who is even thinking about going into the business.

Excellent – May 17, 2012
-By Sarah

Professional point of view and smart information. This guy really knows how to run a pawn shop. Awesome! If you are wanting to open a pawn shop, this is the book to read and where to get all your information and how-to to run a successful store!


Norman Gornbein's New Book!


“What a wealth of knowledge-even for a pro like me!”
-Ken Rusty, Gold and Precious Gems of San Diego (4 locations)

“Extremely valuable information, even for successful pawnbrokers, like me.”
-Owner’s name Steve Hirschhorn, Unique Pawnbrokers (2 locations)

“This book would have saved a ton of money had it been out when I started my business”
-Gary Feldman, El Cajon Jewelry and Loan

How to Open a Successful Pawnshop is written by Norman Gornbein, a former pawnbroker and master jeweler with 30 years experience. The book is thorough, clear, and, yes, even entertaining, thanks to the author’s positive and engaging personality.

Norman Gornbein, whose extremely successful pawnshop was featured on CNN, now works as a consultant to existing pawnshops for a $50,000 fee. How to Open a Successful Pawnshop is all about how Norman Gornbein did it and does it, and how you can do it too. The book includes priceless and detailed information on how to evaluate gold, diamonds, and jewelry.

How to Open a Successful Pawnshop covers anything that will be brought into a pawnshop including watches, cameras, electronics, firearms, musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, and even vehicle title loans. Related businesses such as payday loans, providing debit cards, and online pawnshops are also included.

In addition, you will be shown how to organize your pawnshop, make it secure, staff it with the right employees, and even fill your pawnshop with a starting inventory at zero cost!

How to Open a Successful Pawnshop is well worth the price to those who aspire to enter the very profitable business of becoming a pawnbroker-and to established pawnbrokers who want to improve their business. For his full consultancy of a pawnshop, Norman Gornbein charges $50,000. His hourly rate is $250.

For far less than his rate of $250 for one hour, in How to Open a Successful Pawnshop, Norman Gornbein gives you a step-by-step plan on how you can open your own successful pawnshop—a business that is not only recession-proof, but which thrives both in good times and bad times.

How to Open a Successful Pawn Shop teaches you how and where to locate your pawnshop, and how best to lay it out.

You will learn how to organize your operation including accounting systems, and what what is the best software systems you should use—both for accounting and for keeping track of and securing your valuable inventory.

You will learn how to organize your pawnshop down to the last detail!

You will learn how to make your pawnshop secure in every respect—site security, with double doors, safes, and alarm systems in the most affordable way.

You will learn how to be safe from fraud, both from your clients and your employees.

You will learn how to value expensive items of jewelry, gold, and diamonds, and watches (remember, Norman Gornbein is a master jeweler).

How to Open a Successful Pawnshop will also show you how to evaluate, cameras, electronics, firearms, musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, and even vehicle title loans.

You will learn how to place a value on anything your client brings into your pawnshop—and will tell you what items you should and must refuse.

How to Open a Successful Pawnshop also teaches you about related business opportunities which can make your pawnshop even more profitable—these include money-making payday loans, debit cards, and online pawnshops.

How to Open a Successful Pawnshop will show you how to make money under any economic conditions.

The time to get into the booming business of pawnshops is NOW!

Let Me Teach You from start to finish with my 30 years of proven experience!

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